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IQA Management Hub #

You may not have heard about it, but there’s a sport called quadball, formerly known as quidditch. I discovered it when I was in highschool, got really into it. But obviously sport is not just the players. It’s referees, team managers, league organizers. So at some point I decided to volunteer for the IQA - International Quadball Association. And my favorite capacity of volunteering is as a software engineer.

IQA doesn’t have a lot needs for a big team of programmers. They run a website with news blog posts and a service called Management Hub. It’s a single place for admins of National Governing Bodies (country members of IQA) to provide official statistics to the IQA and a referee hub for certifying referees.

So at the moment of writing I’m the one maintaining it.

And as I set off in my role I decided I don’t want to do any rewrites, just keep the existing codebase alive. Easier said than done. It was written in ruby on rails and it’s cool. BUT I can’t spend the time to learn ruby in depth to migrate to a newer version where a lot of things will break. AND I like C# a lot. So I’m going to try to rewrite this site into ASP.NET Core and try to fix a lot of issues that piled up over time.

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